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Mars over the moon. GameFi, NFT, DeFi
Masa Alfa Buy CaribMarsX
Recommend slippage : 5.1-8%

Deflation, Staking, Utility


There is a 5% tax fee per transaction for CaribMarsX tokens. The more CaribMarsX is traded, the more it will be burned and the value of the token will increase. To increase transactions, Carib Mars is increasing its services.

Burn & Staking

1% of the transactions will be burned and 1% will be distributed to the CaribMarsX holders. In other words, holding CaribMarsX will increase the value of the burn, while allowing holders to stake token fees.


At CaribMars, we will increase utilities such as MASA (Mars NFT Shopping Application), binary options, games and other services that are under development. We will increase the value of tokens even in practical models other than speculation.

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Audit report

Token information of CaribMarsX

Buy and hold deflationary token to get transaction fee sharing.

Token Name CaribMarsX Ticker CMX Contract Address 0x530fea77c0857ea3d1354d3569d819438272426b
Decimal 9 Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000 Chain Biance Smart Chain

What is MASA?

MASA is the project code name for the MARs nft Shopping Application.

The journey to Mars began with your expectations and interests.
You can browse Caribbean Mars NFT products throughout your trip to Mars.

We are currently offering various preferential services on Mars for daily games and store operations that allow users to play against each other.

In the future, we will strive to realize a more diverse and unique virtual environment through the updated version, and you can get information by clicking the products in the store. In the next edition, we will use augmented reality to run various services for online stores and create a world of metaverse.


What holders say
ABOUT CaribMars.

The members of caribmars give refunds to users even if there is a big problem of rug which is caused by a malicious developer, and they are steadily proceeding with the project and responding in good faith. The caribmars team is developing a lot of products such as GameFi and DeFi, and I support this project.

The caribmars team has managed difficulty and recovered them. They are so trustful and their services are becoming more and more attractive by incorporating new elements into tokens and products. I think that it will develop services that are good in the long run.

I'm really looking forward to seeing their projects becoming more and more creative. I am looking forward to seeing how fast MASA will move and how far the platform will grow. And above all, I trust the kindness of the team.


Carib Kuma

Investor & founder

Sohan Uzzaman



DeFi Professional


NFTFi and NFT platform Developer


MASA developer


To increase the use of tokens, we started developing binary options, NFT marketplace, and DEX, and achieved a major milestone of partnership with companies that acquire Costa Rica's data processing license.

We have started the development of a metaverse & GameFi platform called MASA (MArs Shopping Application). We are aiming for a platform where users can play against each other in virtual space and play to earn at MASA. We also developed NFT items obtained from MASA and NFT lending platforms on the NFT Marketplace.

MASA will update as following. - Wallet Connection
- Prepare NFT(Vehicle/Weapon/Shopping Item)
- Make web marketplace in MASA for token.
- Add PVP Model for daily game using photon.
- Make In-Game strategy(brainstorm)

We also plan to release chart dextools and launchpads to enhance dex-related services.

MASA will update as following.
- Online shopping using token and photon to connect users.
- Make VR for daily game & Mars & shopping.

In addition, we will further push the service-related marketing of CaribMars to further enhance its practicality.

Caribmars have a dream of crossing the moon and reaching Mars. It aims to go beyond moon, which means a big price increase in cryptocurrency terms, to reach Mars. We will strengthen Metaverse and other currency services, so let's aim for Mars together.